Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


task in July, 1898, gave in his resignation, and was succeeded by Mr.
Quibell, who described the archaic monuments lately discovered by
Morgan, Amelineau, and Petrie. In 1900 Mr. Quibell was in turn
replaced by Mr. Edgar, to whose care was confided the cataloguing of
the ceramic work, glass, and statuary of Graeco-Boman period and style.
The rest of the original members—Mr. Eeisner, Herr Borcharclt and
M. Chassinat—retired towards the end of 1899, giving place to Herrn
Lange and Schiller and M. Lacau. The two former took their departure
in October, 1900, after cataloguing the stelae of the First Theban Empire,
and these vacancies have not been filled. At the end of 1900 the com-
mission consisted of only three members—Herr von Bissing, Mr. Edgar,
and M. Lacau. Finally, some parts of the Catalogue are due to the kind
services of scholars travelling in Egypt, namely the catalogue of the
Greek inscriptions made by Mr. Milne, and that of the Greek papyri, partly
by Herr Wilcken and partly by Mr. Grenfell and Mr. Hunt.

" But the time limit originally' fixed for the completion of the work was
reached while the work itself was still unfinished, nor had any steps
whatever been taken for printing the volumes already in MS. It was
imperative to obtain some extension of time and further supplies of money.
The Minister of Public Works authorized M. Maspero, who had recently
assumed the direction of the Service of Antiquities, to ascertain what
action should be taken and what money would be needed to bring the enter-
prise to a successful issue. After having consulted with the members of
the Commission, and advised with the Committee of Archaeology, M.
Maspero requested the Minister of Public Works to ask from the Caisse de
la Dette an extension of six years and an annual grant of £2000 throughout
that period. Immediately the new terms were conceded M. Maspero
proceeded to put the printing in hand. Each author was given the right
to choose the printer that suited him best, on condition that the printer
in question adopted the 4to size of the model which would be supplied to
him by the Service des Antiquites, and employed type, length of line, and
paper as like as possible to those of the model. Most of the authors have
availed themselves of this right, and have entrusted the printing of their
share of the Catalogue to their own countrymen; others have preferred to
employ the printing press of the French Institute in Cairo. Herr von
Bissing has had recourse to Holzhausen of Vienna, and Herrn Lange and
Schiifer to the Boyal Printing Press of Berlin, Mr. Crum, MM. Daressy
and Chassinat, on the other hand, have made their arrangements with the
Cairo Institute.

"It is difficult to state exactly the number of volumes of which the
loading ...