Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


to the Oases; Schaefer collected much material in the Cairo Museum.
Nine workers took part in making the word-slips, including two English-
men, one American, and one Dane, and the number of slips produced shows
a great advance on the output of the two previous years. Since the date of
this report, which names the texts copied on slips within the year,
Professor Breasted has worked almost exhaustively through the monuments
of the Louvre, Leyden and the British Museum, and Professors Erman,
Steindorff and Sethe have collated a number of papyri in the British
Museum with the published texts, also on behalf of the Dictionary.

Bevillout prints a very full account of the proceedings of the Egyptian
section of the Orientalist Congress at Borne in Rev. Eg. ix. 81.

Excavations and Explorations.

The following are the excavators to whom permits were granted by the
Committee of Archaeology :—

Borchardt and Schaefer : at Abusir.

Borg : at Alexandria (Bab el Sharqi).

Boutros Andraos : at Kurneh and Tombs of the Kings.

Cbassinat: at Abu-rawash. (See above, p. 14.)

Daninos Pasha: at Mit Bahineh.

Giorgos Todros: at Kurneh, Moalleh.

Grenfell and Hunt, for Egypt Exploration Fund : from Yaquta to

Gayet: at Sheikh Abadeh, Ekhmim. ,
W. Joseph : at Batn Harit.
Jouguet: at Medinet Madi, Gharaq.

Maclver and Wilkin, for Egypt Exploration Fund: at El 'Amrah.

Newberry: at Sheikh 'Abd el Kurneh.

Petrie and Mace, for Egypt Exploration Fund : at Abydos.

Beisner, for University of California : Nag' ed Der, Ulad Yahie (p. 23).

Schiff and Schreiber : in Alexandria.

Shnouda Makarios : at the Tombs of the Kings (second tomb of Seimefer,
vizier of Amenhotep II.).

Somers Clarke : at El Kab (p. 21).
Zohrab Pasha : at Mokattam and Illahim.

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