Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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for recovery of a debt of thirty years' standing, the repayment of which he
has been unable to secure in the interval, owing to his absence on military
service (No. 888) ; and a labour bill for carpenters and builders in
a.d. 109 (No. 894). When shall we have an album of facsimiles of
selected papyri in the Berlin collection ?

Br. Wessely has shown renewed activity during the past year, having issued
two considerable publications, characterized by all his usual laboriousness.
One1(i is devoted to illustrating the palaeography of Greek papyri, forming
a companion volume to the Batin facsimiles mentioned in the Beport for
1898-1899. Four out of the fifteen plates are photographic reproduc-
tions of papyri already published among the British Museum facsimiles ;
the rest, unfortunately, are autographed, a tedious process which largely
diminishes their value for practical purposes. Twenty-three of the texts
published (including the four Bondon papyri) belong to a single group,
relating to a lawsuit between parties named Satabous and Nesthnephis in
a.d. 11, with regard to the ownership of some land. The remaining five
documents also belong to the first century ; and the volume concludes with
ten alphabets, ranging from a.d. 5 to 51. With the exception of the-
British Museum documents, all the papyri are in the Bainer collection at
Vienna, and have not been published before. Br. Wessely's other publi-
cation17 is of the nature of a miscellany, of which other numbers may be
forthcoming, and to which other writers beside himself may contribute.
The present part includes the texts of four papyri from the Thexesianum at
Vienna, part of a collection presented by the Khedive; three papyri of the
Mjrsee Guimet (two being contracts, dated 454 and 456, and the other a
will, dated 480), discovered at Antinoe, and edited by M. Seymour de
Bicci (dated documents of the fifth century are so rare that one would
have been glad of facsimiles of these papyri) ; a papyrus in the Bainer
collection, formerly part of the same ori/cpitm-register as Brit. Mus. Bapp.
260, 261; a bibliography of papyrus literature for 1899-1900; an article
on the relations of Greek and Batin cursive writing in the fourth century,
illustrated by many facsimiles : and the Hesiodic publication mentioned
above. Altogether it is a volume of great interest to students of papyri,
and it is to be hoped that Br. Wessely will find himself able to continue
its publication. Autographed facsimiles are less useful than photographic,
but they are better than none; and Germany has not hitherto been
generous in the matter of facsimiles.

The literary texts published in the Arehiv (of which the first volume is
now complete) have been enumerated above. It has also published several
non-literary texts, and a number of reviews and articles on topics connected
loading ...