Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1900-1901

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production in the Greek world, including a new edition and discussion of
the locus classicus in Pliny on the subject. It contains a good deal of
useful matter, but some of the conclusions with regard to the manufacture
of papyrus rolls appear open to cpuestion. Prof. Mitteis has published a
lecture on Greek papyri from the juristic point of view, delivered to the
German Historical Congress at Halle; ~b and Prof. Mommsen an article
on the legal code of Poman Egypt, based upon the case of Dionysia,
recorded in Oxyrhynchus papyrus No. 237.20

The Sandars lectures on bibliography and palaeography at Cambridge,
which attain a quasi-publication by being deposited in the British Museum
and the Cambridge University Library, were devoted this year to the
jmlaeography of Greek papyri.37 The special points investigated were (1)
the palaeography of the Herculaneum papyri, (2) the relation between the
uncial hands of the earliest vellum MSS. and the literary hand in
papyri, and (3) the evolution of the minuscule hands, found in vellum
MSS. of the ninth and tenth centuries, out of the common hands of the
Byzantine papyri.

The length of this Eeport, due to the activity of students in many
countries, makes it necessary to be brief with regard to announcements for
the future. Messrs. Grenfell and Hunt, assisted by Mr. Smyly, will
produce a volume of their Tebtunis papyri for the University of California,
which will also be issued to subscribers to the Graeco-Boman branch of
the Fund. Messrs. Deissmann and Crusius promise an early beginning
of the publication of the papyri at Heidelberg, to which the late papyrus
of the Minor Prophets (Zachariah and Malachi), formerly in the possession
of Herr Graf, has recently been added. Descriptions of the papyri
acquired by the Britisk. Museum in 1894-1899 are already in type,
and will appear in the forthcoming volume of the Catalogue of Additions
to the Department of Manuscripts.

F. G. Kenyon.


1 The Amherst Papyri, being an account of the Greek Papyri in the collection of the
Bight Sim. Lord Amherstof Haekney, by B. P. Grenfell and A. S. Hunt. Parti.,
The Ascension of Isaiah and other theological fragments (London, 1900). Part II.,
Classical fragments, and documents of the Ptolemaic, Soman, and Byzantine periods
<London, 1901).

- Fayum Towns and their Papyri, by B. P. Grenfell, A. S. Hunt, and D. G. Hogarth,
-with a chapter by J. G. Milne (London, 1900).
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