Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Peogbess of Egyptology.

Amenhotep III., discovering floors painted with fish and geese, and
fragments of patterned ceilings. Of the walls little remained. Mr.
Newberry also cleared several tombs for copying.

Mr. Theodore Davies excavated in the Tombs of the Kings.

MM. Cledat and Palanque excavated at Bawit (see p. 14).

Prof. Flinders Petrie and the workers on the Egypt Exploration Fund
and the Egyptian Eesearch Account were at Abydos (see p. 16).

Mr. J. Gaestang was at Bet Khallaf (see p. 18).

Mr. Beisner at Naga ed Deir, found tombs dating from the prehistoric
period down to the beginning of the Xlth Dynasty, in a continuous
series. Mr. Lythgoe excavated 350 prehistoric graves. The record has
been kept with the extraordinary care that has characterized the work of
the Californian Expedition throughout. A large number of dried bodies
were obtained in wonderful preservation, and Prof. Elliott Smith, of Kasr
el Ami, is obtaining good results from their examination.

Antonini, of Mellawi, excavated at El Bersheh.

A group of Arabs guided by a clalU (i.e., a manuscript revealing hidden
treasure) obtained permission to excavate at a spot in the Gebel near
Tell el Amarna, but their speculation was not successful.

M. Jougtjet dug at Medinet en Nehas, south-west of Gharak in the
Faiyum, discovering a Boman temple and papyri.

Herr Bubensohn dug for papyri in the south-east of the Faiyum, but
met with no success.

Mr. Monson excavated unsuccessfully at Kum Washim, in the Faiyum.

Herr Borchaedt is continuing his investigations at Abusir. Having
completed the excavation of the Sun temple, he has now removed his
workmen to the pyramid of User-en-ra, and has laid bare the pavement of
the temple there (see p. 11).

Mr. L. D. Covington excavated for a short time at Gizeh.

Mr. Montague Ballaed, M.P., excavated at Gizeh, his work resulting
in the discovery of no less than ten statues of the Old Kingdom, and a fine
coloured stela of the IVth Dynasty.

Ahmed Bey Kamal found a chapel of Barneses III. at Heliopolis. This
is to be transported to the Museum.

Daninos Pasha excavated at Tell Basta.

Ali Habib discovered a Saite tomb at Mendes (Tell er Euba) containing
ushabti, and a number of gold objects, gold-foil hieroglyphs for inlaying, etc.

At Eshmflnen, which is outside the control of the Department of
Antiquities, the sebakh diggers found a small pylon with inscriptions of
loading ...