Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Progress of Egyptology.

excavation was carried on rapidly and in a very thorough manner, threa tram
lines being employed to convey tlie rubbish away to the edge of the plateau.
The pavement of the temple is now laid bare and the plan is almost com-
pletely recovered. Architectural fragments, including monolithic papyrus
columns of granite, lay upon the pavement, and the temple must have
been magnificently decorated, fragments of relief-sculpture proving the
early origin of many of the typical figures and scenes of later temples.
Deities both human- and animal-headed are frequently represented. Frag-
ments of a colossal lion in granite were also discovered, of fine design, but
unfinished. In the immediate neighbourhood of the temple a contemporary
mastaba was completely studied from the architectural point of view:
two intact graves of the Middle Kingdom were opened, and very interesting
coffins and offerings found: lastly, in a grave of the 3rd or 4th century
b.c. lay a bag containing a papyrus of the lost poet Timotheus. Thus
the season's work was brilliantly successful; and there is every promise of
good results again next year. The report is well illustrated with plans
and photographs, and Borchardt enlivens the narrative by a very vivid
picture of an excavator's experiences. Mittheilungen der Deutschen Orient-
Gesellschaft, no. 14, Sept., 1902.

Delta. Extracts from reports by Foucart as inspector in the Delta
in 1893-4 on San and its neighbourhood, Ann. ii. 258.

A remarkable statue (photographed) found at Kom el Shetain in the
middle of the Delta, unfortunately without geographical information in the
inscription : Ahmed Bey Kamal, Ann. ii. 126.

An account of excavations at Sa el Ha gab, with little result: Daressy,
Ann. ii. 230.

Suez Canal. Beport on a mission to the canal: Cledat, Bull. i. 108.

Berenice. Extracts from an engineering report by Nicour Bey on
the coast and neighbourhood, Ann. ii. 185.

Oasis of Siwa. Beview of Steindorff s preliminary report of his journey
to the Oasis : Maspero, Bev. Crit., Sept. 23rd, 1901.

An interesting Report on the Oasis of Siva (sic), by Hohler, has been
published. It is illustrated with photographs, and contains an archaeo-
logical appendix by Professor Maspero.

M. E. Chassinat, director of the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology
at Cairo, has again favoured us with a report of its work:—

"Les fouilles d'Abou Boash ont ete reprises en janvier 1902 seulement.
Elles ont eu une duree tres courte. Des le 25 fevrier, appele en Haute
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