Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Progress of Egyptology.

b. Memoirs and Beports.

Silsileh. Legeatn describes a prehistoric necropolis, publishing the
figures on a painted vase. Ann. iv. 218.

Thebes, West bank. Carter reports on the work of M. Tytus, Prof.
Schiaparelli's discover)7 of the tombs of Prince Kbaemnas and Ainen-
herkhepshef of the age of Barneses III. at the Tombs of the Queens, Mr.
Mond's clearance of the tombs of the wazir Sennefer, Senamon and
Menna; the excavations of Mr. Davis in the Bibfin el Moluk, and the
discovery of the tomb of an official of Amenhotep III. in the Assassif.
Ann. iv. 175.

Mr. Davis' discovery and excavation of the tomb of Thothmes IV. in the
Biban el Moluk at Thebes affords the material of a splendid monograph in
the series of the G-izeh Catalogues, entitled The Tomb of Thoutmosis IV.
Mr. Carter, who was in charge of the excavation, relates the discovery.
M. Maspero contributes an interesting essay on the life and monuments
of the king, proving that he was the father, not a brother, of Amen-
hotep III. Mr. Newberry describes the tomb, only a small part of which
was decorated, and the sarcophagus. Prof. Elliot Smith describes the
mummy of the king, and assigns to him the age of twenty-five years.
Finally Messrs. Carter and Newberry catalogue the great collection of
antiquities found in the tomb, amounting to about 350 pieces, including
the leather body of a chariot embossed with war scenes. The volume is
excellently illustrated with drawings and photographs. Maspero gave a
short account of the discovery in Bev. Arch., iv. ser., i. 413.

Daressy gives a brief report of the first discovery of the palace of
Amenhotep III. at Medinet Habu in 1888, with photographs of three of
the figures from the painted floors, Ann. iv. 165. Bissing reviews Tytus'
Preliminary Beport on the re-excavation of the palace of Amenhotep HI
in Sphinx vii. 229.

Hall describes the excavation of the Temple of Mentuhotep III. at
Deir el Bahari. Man, 1904, No. 43 (see above p. 1).
East bank. See M. Legrain's report, p. 25.

Abydos. Mr. Garstang has published a memoir on his excavations of
1901-2 at Beqaqneh in a cemetery of the Illrd Dynasty, and takes the
opportunity of reviewing other recently discovered remains belonging to
the same period. He concludes that the development of the civilization
was continuous from the prehistoric or predynastic period onwards, without
loading ...