Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Publications of Texts.


(a) From Sites in Egypt:—

Silsileh. Legeain lias succeeded in identifying the names of Senmut
and of " the royal daughter " Hatshepsut in the carefully defaced inscrip-
tion of a tomh. The title of Hatshepsut implies that the monument was
executed before her marriage with Thothmes II. Senmut is a well-known
official of Queen Hatshepsut, and his principal tomb is at Thebes. The
inscriptions of the new tomb are reproduced in full. Ann. iv. 193.

Legkain publishes six monuments of the thirty-fifth year of Amen-
hotep III. at Silsileh, all due to an official named Amenhotep, apparently
not the well-known son of Hapu, but a wazir and architect of the same
name. Ann. iv. 197.

Early royal names in the valley of Shatt er-rigal. Legkain, Ann. iv.

Thebes. Karnak. Eevised text of stela recording victories of Amen-
hotep II., with new fragments showing that it was completed by Thothmes
IV., the editor pointing out that the blunders in this and many other
inscriptions of the XVIIIth Dynasty are due to the unintelligent restorer
employed by Sety I. after the mutilations by the heretic Akhenaten.
Legeain, Ann. iv. 126.

Piehl reviews the publication of Naville and Legeain, L'aile nord du
pylotie d'Amenophis III. a Karnak. Sphinx vii. 238.

Small temple to Osiris built in the reign of Taharqa and Shepenupt,
but with some stelae and other remains of XVIIIth and XXIInd Dynasties.
Legeain, Ann. iv. 181. Maspeeo adds a note on a donation of land of
the time of Takellothis recorded on one of the stelae.

Two fragments of curiously arranged inscriptions found in the rubbish,
id. ib. 136, and fragment of a small obelisk, id. ib. 226.

West bank. Tomb of a nomarch of the Vlth Dynasty near the Assasif,
being the earliest known at Thebes; with photographs. Newbeeey, Ann.
iv. 97.

Stela of the third year of Taharqa from Medinet Habu, with note by
Maspeeo. Caetee, Ann. iv. 178.

Find of Canopic vases connected with royal family at the end of the
XVIIIth Dynasty. Legkain, Ann. iv. 138.

The difficult text of the Installation of a Vizier, published by Mr.
Newbeeey from the tomb of Rekhmara, is edited, with philological
commentary by A. H. Gardiner, with the parallel texts furnished by
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