Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies. Etc.


Anklinesneferabra as a nomarcli of Hermonthis named Pamont, evidently
related to the person for whom the Ehind bilingual papyri at Edinburgh
were written, Bee. de Trav'. xxvi. 50.


Golijnischeff briefly describes a papyrus of seven pages in his
collection, dating probably from the XXIst Dynasty and containing the
commencement of an encyclopaedic manual. The portion preserved
comprises the title, lists of cosmographical or geographical expressions,
list of titles, list of trades, thus agreeing with the Papyrus Hood in the
British Museum : and further, names of foreign peoples, list of Egyptian
cities, of buildings and of kinds of land, names of cereals, cooked foods
and drinks, and of the parts of the body. Out of the geographical lists
Prof. Golenischeff selects two series which bear upon the Libyan campaigns
of Merneptah and Rameses III. One of them names the Oasis of Arisheps
as being near Heracleopolis Magna in Middle Egypt: this must be the same
as Per-Arisheps, where Merneptah smote the Libyans. Moreover Eebana
in the same context reminds Golenischeff of Qarbana, the southern limit
of the Libyans expelled by Rameses III., the northern limit being Memphis.
It has hitherto been thought that these localities lay on the west of Lower
Egypt and of the Delta, but it now seems that the Libyans were wont to
attack the Nile valley in the neighbourhood of Lake Moeris, thus cutting
it in two. A third locality named in the inscription of Rameses III. lay in
the middle Delta according to the new list. A. Z, xl. 101.

Hogarth's paper describing his important exploration of the sites
in the northern Delta (summarized in the last Beport, p. 15) will be found
in the Journ. Hell. Studies, xxiv. 1, with a valuable map.

The survey office of the Ministry of Public Works has published a
memoir on The Topography and Geology of the Eastern Desert of Egypt,
central portion, by T. Barron and W. F. Hume. The portion surveyed
extends from Gebel Zeit to Quser on the coast; notes of places where
inscriptions, ruins, quarries, and mines exist may be found by the aid of
the Index.

Legrain writes on the connection of ancient cemeteries with the caravan
routes, Ann. iv. 221; and fixes the extent of the Nut-rest or "southern
city " at closely the same as the present markaz of Luxor, namely about
twelve miles each way from Thebes to Rizqat on the south and Qamuleh on
the north, llec. de Trav. xxvi. 84.
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