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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Pbogkess or Egyptology.

P.S.—Recently received publications include two small literary texts
published by Prof. Nicole. One is a 5th century vellum scrap of Genesis,57
containing ch. xxxvii. 3, 4, 9, with several readings markedly different
from those of the LXX. It does not agree with what we know of the
versions of Aquila and Symmachus in this passage; but unfortunately
Theodotion's, which is a more likely alternative, is not here extant. The
other, also on vellum, has the beginnings or endings of sixteen lines of
elegiac verse on either side of one fragment, and a few letters on another,
with marginal scholia.38 Prof. Nicole has succeeded in identifying it as a
portion of the Alria of Callimachus, dealing with the episode of the visit
of the Argonauts to Phaeacia, and extracts even from these scanty remains
some indications of the manner in which Callimachus' treatment of the
subject differed from that of Apollonius. Two books which promise to
be of considerable importance for Ptolemaic history, Bouche-Leclercq's
Ristoire des Lagides and Svoronos' Corpus of Ptolemaic coins, I have
not yet been able to see.

F. G. Kenyon.


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