Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Europe, and the third part, which is to appear this year, is eagerly expected.
The book displays a familiarity with European research which we rarely
find in Oriental treatises. Mr. Zaidan has also re-issued this year his work
on the Philosophy of Language applied to Arabic, which contains much
interesting matter.

From the Arabian point of view the most important literary monument
which this year has produced is Mr. Soleymau Bistani's translation of
the Iliad from the original Greek into Arabic verse ; he has been compelled
by the nature of Arabic versification to divide the work into ballads ; but
that has also been done by some successful English translators. The
translation was received with a chorus of approval by the Egyptian press,
and a banquet was given in honour of the talented translator. Egypt,
owing to the famous criticism of the Alexandrians, is so closely connected
with the history of the Homeric poems that the language of Egypt is no
improper dress for the Bible of ancient Greece.

Other texts of great importance that have been issued this year are Ibn
Kutaibah's Classes of Poets, edited with an elaborate critical commentary
by the indefatigable Be Goeje; the third and last volume of the " Book of
the Creation," by Mutahhar of Jerusalem, edited with French translation and
notes by Huart; and the first part of the famous collection of anecdotes
called ''Deliverance after Stress," by Al-Kadi Al-Tanukln, printed at the
Hildl press, from a somewhat defective MS., as I understand. Finally I may
mention the Divan of Badi'al-zaman of Hamadhan, a short collection of
poems ascribed to the famous inventor of Makamas, which we also owe to
the enterprise of a Caireue scholar. But all these take us far from Egypt.

D. S. Margoliouth.


Le nombre des edifices, auquels le Comite de conservation des monu-
ments de l'art arabe a dedie ses soins, a ete de 32 en 1903 et de 21 en
1904. L'annee courante a vu mettre le dernier coup de main a ['execution
commencee en 1897 du projet de restauration de la mosquee el-Mardani,
qui a ete sauvee a temps de la destruction complete dont elle etait
menacee. Les travaux les plus importants sont engages dans la mosquee
fatimite el-Akmar, d'une importance exceptionnelle, vu l'epoque a laquelle
elle appartient; dans le tombeau du sultan Kalaoun, monument non moins
saillant dans rhistoire de l'art musulman; dans les mosquees Inal el
Youssefi, Ganem el-Bahlaouan, Aslam el Baha'i et autres.

Les ressources que necessitent ces travaux sont accordees par l'Aclminis-
tration generale des Wakfs en tant qu'il s'agit d'edifices administres par elle.
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