Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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The papyri, which fill 117 tin boxes as against 91 in the previous
season, have, as usual, been sent to Oxford for publication, pending a
later division with the Cairo Museum. Amongst the other inscribed
objects we found a few writing tablets (wax on wood), one fairly complete
but very illegible; numerous clay jar-stoppers, one inscribed Kpi]Kia<s
(a place-name?), another having 'I(i]aou)<; Xpio-ro? viica surrounding a
monogram; and many fragments of amphorae and other vases with in-
scriptions similar to those described on p. 7 of the Archaeological lieport
for 1902-3. Of these we may signalize a Roman specimen, inscribed etc
tovtov eyeva-a/jnjv (" I tasted this "), and a quantity of Byzantine pieces
with the formula j(cop{iov), followed by a place-name, and pep(ov^)
or p,ep(i$o<;), followed by a personal name. We append a list of the
place-names (in nearly all cases probably villages in the Oxyrhynchite
nome) of the fifth and sixth centuries obtained in this way during the last
two seasons :—

'Aicov^ee/, ''Ap.ovXrj, 'Att6\X{(ddo^), ' ApTanrdTov,TejjovTt\()v, @povve\jr^eo)s),
0(o\6e(o)<;), 'Iadvvov, KaKefxa, KaXa/xlas, Kepa( ), Asvk( ), Mapdepa,
Mvp( ), JSTeo<fivTov, NiKifi, NofjLoyp[d<bov), Notl{vov), 'Op#( ), 'Ofjvp(yy-
■^ltwv) (sc. 7ro\eco?), IIapop( ), TlaraKr), IIaTvp( ), UeXa, IIe/-ia( ),
IlovXi.ov, %ivap(y), Tai'vd>[ , Teaep( ), Tpvylov, Xaipct, Weup.{ ),
,f2/CTap( ).

Another fragment (3rd or 4th century) contained a rude figure of
a snake (?) with three incomplete lines, (1) evTv^fa t[w? (2) '
to t«^o[t, (3) d? Zev$ cr[a)7)/p? Of the ostraca, which exceed 40
in number, 25 were found together. These consist of a series of brief
orders for payment, or perhaps receipts (no verb is used], written in the
third century, mostly by the same person. The material in question is
measured partly bv \i(rpai), partly by hitherto unknown measures, and
the whole character of the series is very obscure. We give the text of 12
specimens. (1) Ilapi<oi> ^tpiarijs dvcojepo (1. -pa) \L(jpas) y kv( ) (perhaps
for kvkXo,; cf. Nos. 10 and 12) oa. (2) 'Epfipes oiKohopos \i(rpas) e kv( )
ve Svo KoXofioov (].-/3(w?). (3) Komi cnrb Kwi(? 7ro\ews?) Xi(rpci<;) S kv( )
p.r) 8nr\dat(o)i> TpnrXa) (i.e. tolttXovvI). (4) Kopin']Xi]<; (1. KopvijXios)
di'dftXeira eprau; \i(rpa<^) y kv( ) A/3. (5) <f>t\»/a? up^wv \{(rpav) a
kv( ) k8. (6) [zlioJBwpo? avaramfi A.('(Tpa?) (tfpiav) kv( ) y. (7)'^.7TtaS);?
i,toi'[ . . ?] e<? to dpTOKWirrp' (1. dpTOKOireiov) cvran \t(rpa<;) <z {tf/J.lov)
ycu( ) o?; SnrXa. (8) Kvp,~)tl 8id Ti}>> yvvr}Kot (1. yvvaiico<;) XoaSanov (or
/coaB.) evTais \i{rpa<;) /3 (ijp,tav) kv( ) ice. (9) 'A0i]i>co8a)po? ^Lpicnfi'; efc
to 'A^iXr/(o)v Ai(Tpa?) e kv( ) pie. (10) 7rapa @dovt{o)<; qicruvav Xi'(rpas)
^hwhaiKUKVKka (1. hwb'eic). (11) TWpe? /3a(pioa (1. fidfyiaaat) XKjpas) h
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