Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc. 21

as a development of the Egyptian Research Account, with its centre at
University College, London.

A. H. Gardiner gives a good review of the progress of Egyptology,
1903-4, in the Zeitschrift d. Deutsch. Morgenldnd. Ges. lix. 209.

M. Seymour de Ricci has obtained 200 fragments of demotic ; amongst
these Prof. Spiegel-berg has identified part of an historical romance of
King Petubastis, the remainder of which was purchased by himself the
year before. Compfes Bendus, 1905, p. 218, 227.

Prof. W. Max Muller reports the results of his journey to Egypt.
O.L.Z. viii. 35.

A fragment of a hieroglyphic inscription bearing the name of Harsiese
has been found in a garden at Southport, England, and seems to have
created some stir locally. O.L.Z. viii. 73.

Mr. John Ward's new book, Our Sudan, its Pyramids and Progress,
contaiDS not a few illustrations of archaeological interest. Dr. Budge has
written a new edition of Cook's Handbook (reviewed in Man, 1905, no. 37).

Excavations and Explorations.

a. Work in 1903-4, including repairs, etc.

Mr. Garstang discovered at Hieraconpolis a predynastic cemetery lying
within and below the level of the great fortress of the Old Kingdom which
stands in the desert, and on the site of the town laid bare several houses
of the Illrd and earlier Dynasties. The dryness of the ground compelled
him to postpone further work there. The desert was explored tentatively
as far as Hissayeh, south of Edfu, but eventually the expedition settled at
Esneh, where work will be resumed this winter. The indications are those
of a necropolis of the Hyksos time. Some interesting examples of provincial
art were found, with some good monuments of the XXth Dynasty, including
a shrine of Apis. A detachment examined a likely spot at Negadeh,
returning with some interesting inscriptions. Mr. Harold Jones assisted
Mr. Garstang as before. (A brief report, with photographs of tomb remains
at Hieraconpolis, has appeared in Man, 1905, No. 79.)
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