Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Progress of Egyptology.

Thebes. Mr. Weigall reports as follows :—

" As I did not begin my work as inspector until the end of the winter
season, I cannot give you any account of the work done in Upper Egypt
previous to April, 1905.

" In April and May the Department conducted a small excavation on a
temple site just north of the Ramesseum, with funds generously supplied by
Prince Djemil Toussonn. The full report will be published inies Annates
du Service. The temple was built by Thoutmosis IUrd, and was previously
known to exist, although it had not been cleared. Amongst the objects

found was the lower part of a queen's statue, inscribed

"During the summer the Luxor temple has been cleaned up considerably,
and tidily walled in, though the mosque still remains unmoved. One or
two of the neighbouring houses have been demolished, and the front of the
pylons has been made more accessible.

" The front of the temple of Dendereh has also been freed from rubbish,
and the wide courtyard outside is now on the same level as the floor of
the temple. The passage, wooden doorway, and the steps by which one
entered, have all been removed, and an iron paling and gateway erected.

"At the temple of Khonsu at Karnak, and at Esneh, negotiations are
in progress for the purchase of some houses, the demolishing of which will
open up the sites considerably. Five of the Grenfell tombs at Assuan
have been fitted with iron gates. From the various sehalch diggings a
few interesting antiquities have come. Amongst them may be mentioned
a sacrificial altar of Eoman date from Edf'u, on which human sacrifices are
very clearly shown. These objects will be published in Les Annates.

" At Asfun a part of a temple has just been unearthed, upon the walls of

which appear the names of (□ P ^ (jj (° 1=1 |f J-1

" I think that is about all which will be of interest to your readers. I
am sorry I have no more to tell you, but my summer has been mostly
occupied in riding over the district."

M. Legrain kindly contributes the following report on his work at Karnak
(6 Octobre, 1904—24 Juillet, 1905) :—

"Les travaux de la Salle Hypostyle a Karnak suivent leur cours normal.
Les 11 colonnes ecroulees en 1899 sont reedifiees. Les fondations de 9
autres colonnes chaneelantes on ecroulees avant cet accident ont ete
refaites et seront restaurees comme les precedentes.

1 A fourth Psammetichus.—Ed.
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