Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.

tions, contending that the temple, &c., were essentially Egyptian, not
Semitic. Man, 1905, No. 54. Petrie describes his results, publishing
the photograph of a model of the temple, of flint tools and granite picks,
and replies to Mr. Thompson's criticisms (ib. 64), to which Thompson in
turn rejoins, upholding his own view (ib. No. 73).

The Oases. Prof. Steixdoeffs volume, Durch die Libysche Waste
zur Amonsoase, besides describing his journey, is a very valuable mono-
graph on the geography and history of the oases of Siwah and Bahriyeh,
richly illustrated by photographs. A bibliography and map are appended.
The Egyptological material, however, still awaits publication.

Publications of Texts.


(a) From Sites in Egypt:—

Esxeh. Text and translation of two hymns to Khnum from the
temple, much being in a very fanciful orthography. Daressy, Bee. de
Trav. xxvii. 82.

Thebes, Karnah. Numerous texts from statues, stelae, and temple
walls, found in the excavations of 1902-3, and dating from the Xllth
Dynasty onwards. Legi;aix, Ann. v. 10 et seqg. New text of Hatshepsut
with date of year 17, ib. p. 283. Statue dedicated to Sahura by Usertsen I.
Bee. de Trav. xxvi. 221. Statuette of an official, Menthotep, usurped
by Hor, and one dedicated to Menthotep III by a later king. Ann. v.
133. Fragment mutilated by Akhenaten and restored, with name
of Amenhotep II faultily cut, and of his queen. Bee. de Trav. xxvi. 222.
A divine wife, Mertefnut (?). Ann. v. 131. All the above published by
M. Legeaix.

Long inscriptions on a statue of Aba, chief steward of the " divine
adoratrix" Nitokre. Dabessy, Ann. v. 94, cf. ib. p. 128.

Text on the stela of Ankhnesneferebre found and copied by Legeaix,
and on a statuette of the same. Maspeuo, Ann. v. 84. It is very
important for the chronology of the XXVIth Dynasty, and for the
history of the priesthood of Amnion.

West Bank. Correction of the text in Brugsch's Thesaurus of the
historical inscription of Barneses III, at Medinet Habu. Sjobebg,
Sphinx ix. 22.

Fragments of canOpic jars of a royal family of the XVIIIth Dynasty,,
additional to those of the previous year. Legeaix, Ann. v. 139.

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