Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Progress of Egyptology.

Middle Egypt, the Faiydm, etc. The second volume of the text to
Lepsius' Denhmaler has been published, covering in reality the whole
country between Thebes and Memphis. The first volume contained the
material collected in Lower Egypt, the third that from Thebes, and the
fourth nominally "Upper Egypt," i.e., in reality the district between
Thebes and the First Cataract. Thus the work is now complete for Egypt
itself, and only the fifth volume remains to be published. The fourth
volume (Upper Egypt) is reviewed by Pxehl in Sphinx viii. 164.

Abydos. Fragment of stela of a Sheshonk entitled " Chief of the
Meshush." Daressy, Ann. v. 93.

El Amarna. This is the subject of a large volume issued by the
French Institute at Cairo, entitled Monument* pour servir a Vehicle du
culte cVAtonou en Egypte, tome premier. MM. Bouriant, Legrain, and
Jequier have taken part in this work, which describes the royal tomh in
" the Darh el Hamzaui," and the tombs of Haggi Kandil (our " Southern
Group "), with many drawn plates and plans and a few fine photographs.
The materials for the memoir were collected as long ago as the winter of
1893-4, but its completion was delayed so many years through the long
illness of the former director of the Mission Archeologique, the late M.
Bouriant. The second volume is to contain the tombs of the " Northern
Group," and will thus be brought into competition with the latest memoirs
of the Archaeological Survey.

The second volume of El Amarna, in the latter series, by N. de G. Davies
deals with the tombs of Pauehesy and Meryra II, describing also the
smaller tombs in the North Group, the roads leading to them, etc. In
the first volume the representations of the palace in different tombs
were discussed at length; in the present volume those of the temple are
a leading subject. Attention may be drawn to an important scene
of tribute-bringing.

El Bersheh. Inscription of Amenhotep III. Spiegelberg, I?ec. de
Trav. xxvi. 151.

Beni Hasan. Some important corrections of the plates of Beni Hasan,
especially vol. ii., pi. xvi. Bissing, Ann. v. 110.

Sakkara. The fine Vth Dynasty tomb of Gemnikai (Kagemni) is the
subject of an elaborate publication by Baron von Bissing, from the photo-
graphs and copies of Mr. Weigall. The photographs—which are
wonderfully good, when the great difficulties of focussing' in narrow spaces
are considered—are supplemented when necessary by hand copies, and the
description and interpretation of every kind of detail is carried out to an
extent not previously attempted. It is anew departure in tomb publica-
loading ...