Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

ib. ix. 21, points out that it was written for a woman with the Greek
name Charis, which is also written in Greek on the back.


From the Th. Eeinach collection seven papyri of the reign of Cleopatra
III, with Ptolemy X and XI, are published in fine facsimile and edited by
Spiegelbeeg. They are of small size, but in good condition, and six of
them bear short dockets in Greek. They come from Tenis, which is
apparently the same as Acoris, i.e. Tehneh, in Middle Egypt. All concern
agriculture, comprising leases of land, a loan of plough-oxen, a loan of
corn, and sales of cows. Professor Spiegelbeeg has allowed himself a
fuller philological commentary than hitherto, much to the advantage of all
students of demotic, who profit so greatly from his wide and accurate
reading. Papyrus Th. Peinach: Papyrus Grecs et demotiques.

Professor Spiegelbeeg has also edited the demotic inscriptions on stone
and wood in the Catalogue of the Cairo Museum. Translations and brief
commentary are given as well as the texts, greatly increasing the value of
this volume. The decree of Canopus is not republished, but the inscrip-
tions of a great number of valuable monuments are photographed and, when
necessary, hand-copied as well. Eeviewed by Max Mullee, 0. L. Z.
viii. 244.

An important trilingual stela in hieroglyphic, demotic, and Greek is
published on pi. viii. of Le Musee Egyptien, tome ii. The text is a decree
of Ptolemy Alexander, conferring the right of asylum on the temple of
Harhhentehhthai in Athribis. The first two texts are unfortunately in
very bad condition, but the photograph, taken some years ago, preserves
much that has disappeared from the original. Spiegelbeeg is able
to make a fairly complete decipherment, the Greek text being well

The same active scholar publishes a fragment with hieroglyphic and
demotic inscription of Ahmase, high priest of Letopolis, now at Strasburg.
Pec. de Trav. xxvi. 144. A hieroglyphic-demotic table of offerings, ib.
157 ; a graffito from Wady en Nakhleh, ib. 158 ; and a tombstone from
Ahhmim with full commentary, ib. 161.

A new hand-copy of the text of the Demotic Magical Papyrus of London
and Leiden, by Sir Herbert Thompson, has been issued, lithographed on
thirty-seven large plates, and forms the second volume of Gbiffith and
Thompson's edition of this great papyrus.

We may also note here H. E.Hall's interesting esssiyon Greek mummy
labels, P. S. B. A. xxvii. and a review by De Eicci of Spiegelbeeg's
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