Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.



Professor Krall, of Vienna, has passed away. Mr. Cbum writes below
of his fruitful labours amongst the Coptic manuscripts of the Rainer
collection. But his loss will be nowhere more felt than iu the field of
demotic studies; and amongst his best achievements may be counted his
piecing together and translation of the fragments of the story of a clan-
struggle in the reign of King Petubaste. Where the active workers can
be counted on the fingers of one hand, the loss of one so able and so
conscientious as Krall falls beavily. A work of wider scope is his re-
markable " Sketch of the History of the Ancient East," in G-ermau (1899),
which would form a very useful manual for teaching purposes : only the
first volume down to the reign of Cyrus has been published. It will be
difficult for the University of Vienna to repair the heavy loss caused by his
too early death.

Prof. Anderssox, of Upsala, writes the biography of his predecessor Karl
Piehl in Sphinx, vol. viii. p. 117. It is a remarkable record of successful
effort to establish a school of Egyptology in Sweden, among the results
being not only many excellent publications by Prof. Piehl himself, but
the establishment of a professorship of Egyptology and of a journal which
is now subsidized by the State. Piehl's career as an Egyptologist began
in 1881, though his interest in the subject dated from ten years earlier. A
bibliography of his works is given in Sphinx, vol. ix. p. 104. The one
feature of Piehl's work, which would be deplorable in his successors as in
his fellow workers of any nationality, was an exaggerated mode of criticism.
M. Naville contributes an obituary notice cf Piehl to the Beeueil des
Trav., vol. xxvii., p. 134.

Sphinx has lost a supporter in A. Rohss, a patron of science and art in
Sweden, to whom Andersson devotes a short notice. Sphinx viii. 253.

The third volume of Renouf's Egyptological Essays has appeared, with
an index to the three volumes; among the contents are several interesting
letters to the French Egyptologist Chabas, dating from 1866. A fourth
is promised, containing the translation of the Book of the Dead and a

The publication of Mariette's QHuvres Diverges, in the series of the
Tnbliolhcque Egyptologique, is very welcome. The first volume is of great
interest. The portrait prefixed shows Mariette as he was in 1874. Prof.
Maspero contributes a long and fascinating biographical notice of over 200
pages, and Mariette's works down to the year 1857 follow. His life was
full of incident: his brilliant discoveries, and his courage and address in the
loading ...