Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Pkogress of Egyptology.

Dr. Sclmbart's energies have been sufficiently occupied for some time
past with the Didymus and tbe Tbeaetetus commentary ; consequently lie
lias been unable to devote himself to the Griechische TJrkunden, and the
one part which bas appeared13 (containing nos. 1032-1049) is shared
between Mitteis, Zereteli and Lesquier, which gives it somewhat of an
international character. The eighteen texts are of moderate interest.
They contain the names of two new strategi of the Heracleides division of
the Arsinoite nome, namely Lucretius Cerealis in a.d. 107-8, and Serenus
at an uncertain date after a.d. 145. Two texts (1032 and 1033) relate to
the epikrisis, without materially extending our knowledge of it. Another
(No. 1045) is a contract of marriage giving formal validit}' to the arrange-
ments concerning dowry between two persons who have already been for
some time united by an informal marriage. Another (No. 1046) gives a
list of tax collectors classified under various heads (Trpd/CTopes <jctikS>p Sia
KaroiKcov, the same Sia Srj/Aocri'aiv jecopywv, and jrpdiCTopes apyvpi/ccoii).

Publications of isolated documents are, fortunately, fewer than usual
this year. Only one number of the Archiv has appeared. It contains a
bilingual text from the Cairo Museum,13 edited by MM. Collinet and
Jouguet, recording a case heard by the Prefect of iEgyptus Herculia
(which the editors take as equivalent to the Heptanomis and Arsinoite
nome), probably in a.d. 322. The heading and the decision of the Prefect
are in Latin, the rest in Greek. The subject is a dispute concerning the
taxation of land which has come to the plaintiff by inheritance. Another
Cairo papyrus (No. 10472), of the same date, is also published; it is
noteworthy for giving the title of exactor as an alternative to that of

In the same number of the Archiv Eubensohn publishes a dedication-
inscription of a temple at Philae,11 which Borchardt identifies as the temple
of Arsnuphis, near the southern end of the group of temples on the
island. Wilcken publishes a revised text of the papyrus edited by
Nicole in 1894 under the title of " Un affaire de tutelle," and gives a
number of new readings in others of the published Geneva papyri.15
Gradenwitz edits a short papyrus in his own possession,10 containing a
letter from Alypius to Heroninus, and belonging to the extensive corres-
pondence of the latter which is now scattered among many of the museums
of Europe, especially at Florence. It serves as a text for a discussion of
the status of a <ppovTi<7Tij<;, or guardian, of orphan minors and women
(different from the eViV/DOTros of the one and the Kvpio? of the other);
according to Gradenwitz he was a public official, with something of the
functions of a relieving officer in this country. Preisigke .publishes a
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