Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Pbogeess of Egyptology.

comprehensive examination of their character and the questions arising
out of them.

Dr. Wessely's only contribution during the past year is nominally an
argument for a fourth or fifth century date for the obscure work known as
Philogelos,55 on account of its calculation of sums of money in myriads of
drachmas. This points to the period of extreme depreciation of the
currency after Diocletian, and the real value of Wessely's article lies in
its collection of data relating to money and prices in the papyri of this

Two contributions to the bibliography of papyri have been made during
the past year. One is M. Pierre Jouguet's second Chronique des Papyrus?*
which gives a survey, classified according to subjects (literature, history,
geography, institutions, with many sub-divisions), of the publications of
1.903-4. The special value of this Chronique is that it enables the
student to see, in some detail, what additions have been made to our
knowledge in each of the many branches of the subject. The second work
is the continuation of M. N. Hohlwein's elaborate bibliographie raisonnee
of the papyri.35 This is similarly divided into subjects, but it aims at
covering all the papyri hitherto published, and not only those of the last
year or two. The two sections published during the past year deal with
religion and taxation. The drawback is that it is difficult to indicate all
that has been done on each separate branch of these very important
subjects without writing a treatise on the most controverted questions. A
third bibliography, that of M. Seymour de Kicci, will probably appear at
about the same date as this Report.

The facsimiles of papyri published during the past year have mostly
been noted in connection with the several publications in which they have
appeared. All the principal volumes of the present year show an excellent
liberality in this respect. It may be added that the last part of the New
Palaeographical Society's publications30 includes two columns of the
Oxyrhynchus epitome of Livy, and an equal amount of the MS. of the
Epistle to the Hebrews, which occupies the verso of the same papyrus;
also the Festal Letter of a Patriarch of Alexandria (probably in a.d. 577),
the text of which was originally published in Grenfell and Hunt's Greek
Papyri, II.

It will have been observed that this Report contains no reference to any
new volume by the scholars just named. They have been engaged on the
Hibeh papyri, which form the subject of their next volume for the Graeco-
Roinan Branch; but the extraction of these papyri from their mummy-
cartonnages and the combination of the many fragments into which they
loading ...