Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Graeco-Boman Egypt.


have been torn necessarily involve much labour, and cannot be hurried.
A second volume of Tebtunis papyri is also on band for the University of
California. Of other publications in preparation it will be sufficient to
speak when they have appeared.

F. G-. Kenyon.

P.S. An injustice was done to Dr. Wessely above, in stating that only
one article from his pen had appeared during the past year. As a matter
of fact, part iv. of his Studied was published in February last, and part v.
since this Eeport has been in type. Both are important publications.
Part iv contains a reprint of the two rolls relating to the Epikrisis, or
register of persons privileged in respect of the poll-tax, now in the British
Museum (Papp. 260, 261), together with a third roll, now in the Bainer
Collection, belonging to the same series. Among other points of interest
this contains some information as to the taxation of the Jews. Dr.
Wessely also publishes a fragment of a lexicon to the Contra Meidiam of
Demosthenes, likewise in the Bainer Collection, which is especially inte-
resting as containing a long extract from ch. 53 of the Adrjvatoop HoXirela
of Aristotle, exhibiting several slight variations of text. The same part
contains texts, edited by Wessely, of such of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri
presented by the Egypt Exploration Fund to the Museum at Graz as were
not published in full by Grenfell and Hunt; extensive notes by Cronert
on Grenfell's Greek Papyri I and II, Wilcken's ActenstHche, Oxyrhynchus
Papyri III, Goodspeed's Cairo Papyri, and Dieterich's Mithrasliturgie;
three Ptolemaic texts (two belonging to the group from Pathyris) edited
by de Bicci; and an elaborate bibliography of the papyrus literature
for 1903-4.

Part v. of the Studien is likewise part i. of a Corpus Papyroram
llermopolitauorum, consisting mainly of 127 papyri from Hermopolis in the
Bainer Collection. Two Amherst papyri from the same source are
appended, and future parts will no doubt give the many Hermopolite
papyri now in London, Paris, Berlin, and elsewhere. It will be a great-
service to have all the documents relating to a single locality thus brought
together into one view. The present part contains texts, unfortunately
much mutilated, relating to the administration of the town, and is
provided with full indices. A new publication on a large scale of papyri
from the Bainer Collection is a very welcome event; but it is a serious
defect that no indication is given of the dates of the various documents.
They appear, however, to form a single group, relating to the years
loading ...