Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1904-1905

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Pkogeess of Egyptology.

shows, so far as Egyptian arid Nubian Christianity are concerned, no
alterations or additions. Perhaps in such concise sketches little could
suitably be added.

The Oriental Patrology of MM. Graffin and Nau, and the Corpus of
M. Chabot, have both advertised editions of the Egyptian Jacobite
Synaxarinm, and the first of these has now begun to appear.41 Edited
by E. Basset, we may rely upon a linguistically competent publication,
so far as the two late MSS. which alone are employed, will permit. But
it is certainly a pity that so important a work—after which a separate,
complete edition of the Ethiopia text should be all but superfluous—has
been undertaken with such inadequate materials. B. acknowledges that
his edition is not a final one; but might it not have been? Many MSS.
of the text, all with interesting variations, are extant. It is surely to be
regretted that more were not used.

P. Peetees reviews the above work,42 and points out the too numerous
misreadings of the proper names, wherein it shows but small advance upon

The tradition as to S. Luke's death is twofold. The Bohairic MS. 68
of the Vatican contains the version ending in his martyrdom, an abridge-
ment of which appears in the Synaxarinm. It is printed and translated
by Balestbi.43

From the same Bohairic MS. Gxjidi edits44 the Martyrdom of Judas-
Cyriac, bishop of Jerusalem.

Peetees identifies (as Crum had already done) the Philotheus, part
of whose martyrdom was published by Balestri, with him of the 16th
Tubeh 45

Peeeiea prints43a the Ethiopia text of the Life of the hermit Onophrius
("Abunafre "), the Coptic version of which was given by Amelineau in
Becueil vi.

The martyrdom of a certain Dioscorus (not to be found in the
Synaxarinm) is printed by Quentin 40 Only a Latin text appears to have
survived. The time is that of Diocletian : the place, Cynopolis; Culcian,
the persecuting magistrate. It is remarkable that here the role of Julius
of Akfahs is not yet Christian.

Nau has written a note upon two Scetic anchorites, Carion and
Zacharias, who figure in the Apoplithegmata (PC. 65, 249) and thence in
the Synaxarinm.^

Of texts literary rather than historical, only the Canons of Athanasius,
whereof the Arabic text is edited by Biedel and the less complete though
older Coptic (Sa'idic) by Ceum, are to be noticed this year.48 The Coptic
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