Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Excavations at Deik el Bahabi.


alone is damaged. Originally it was closed by a rectangular door which
was destroyed perhaps by the fall of the rubbish ; a fragment of the lintel
only has been preserved.

This chapel was made for Thothmes III. As the rock is of a very bad
quality, the whole speos was faced with sandstone blocks covered with
stucco, bearing elaborate sculptures and paintings. Thothmes is worshipping
Hathor and Amon. Amon appears only on the end representation, where
the king offers him water and incense. On the sides there is only Hathor.
Going into the shrine, we see on the left Thothmes and his wife, Merit-Ra.
Before the king is a huge pile of offerings, which he presents to the goddes3
in the form of a cow coming out of her sanctuary. This cow is very like the

Fig. 14. The Cow in the Shrine. Dalison.
statue, except that she is of a light yellow colour and that she has no
papyrus stalks on both sides of her neck. She suckles a king represented
as a boy; he also appears as a grown-np man under her head ; the
necklace of the cow surrounds the neck of the king. No name is inscribed
to this king, who may be the father, Thothmes III., or the son, Amenophis
II. Further on Thothmes worships Hathor. The goddess is in human
form with horns, between which is the lunar disk.

On the opposite side the representations were exactly the same, except
that at the entrance Thothmes III. was followed by his two daughters; the
name of one onlv, Merit-Amon, is preserved.
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