Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Egypt Explokation Fund.

67^ ayaOa and Apird\ir\ AOvvohoopov \v^vla<; 7racrT?}9(?) (Spa^/u-al) pic), and
several bones of oxen on which were written fourth century accounts.
Among the miscellaneous small antiquities"of the second or third century
are a bronze statuette of Isis-Selene, a bronze head of Apollo, a bronze
sistrum, several faience bowls, and some specimens of fused mosaic glass
(rosettes, flowers, fish, &c), two gems (Hercules slaying the Hydra, and an
eagle), and an alabaster female head. Of later date are a gold earring (3rd
or 4th cent.), and a piece of carved ivory with a well-executed representa-
tion of a (Gaulish ?) warrior. The usual billon or copper coins, lead tokens,
terra-cottas, beads, amulets, dice, pens, bronze and iron instruments, rag
dolls, baskets, slippers, lamps, &c, were of the same character as in former

Part V. of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, which will be issued in 1907, after
the publication, for the University of California, of Part II. of the Tebtunis
Papyri, will contain the long texts of the paeans of Pindar, history of
Cratippus, Symposium of Plato, and Panegyrims of Isocrates, which have
already been mentioned in describing the earlier of the two great finds
of literary papyri; and, if space permits, among shorter classical pieces, the
hexameter hymn to Hermes (cf. p. 12), and a fragment of a lost comedy,
probably by Menander, together with fragments of Sophocles' Antigone,
Euripides' Hecuba, the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius, Thucydides,
Demosthenes, and the Latin papyrus of the Catiline of Sallust (cf. p. 9).
The theological section will probably comprise, in addition to the fragments
of a lost gospel (cf. p. 9) and of the Acts of Peter and Acts of John (cf. p. 13),
pieces of the Psalms and Amos in the Septuagint, and of St. Matthew's
and St. John's Gospels and of the Revelation. We postpone the publica-
tion of the map of the site of Oxyrhynchus until the completion of the

Bernard P. Grenfell.
Arthur S. Hunt.
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