Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies. Etc.


inscription in honour of Augustus from Mehemdieli near the west end
of Kake Serbouis. Published by Cagnat, C. /?. 1906, 602.

Sinai. Petrie's Researches in Sinai, is an account of his work for
the Egypt Exploration Fund in 1901 5 and Mr. Currelly's for the
Egyptian Research Account in the same year. It is very fully illustrated
with maps and photographs, but the detailed discussion of the inscriptions
is reserved for a memoir to be published by the Egypt Exploration Fund.
Besides the account of the journey, the book contains a full description of
the mines and inscribed tablets of Maghareh, and the bethels, mines and
Hathor-temple of Serabit, where a few examples of a non-Egyptian
script were found contemporary with the XVIIIth Dynasty. There is a
chapter on the nature of the worship at Serabit, pointing out Semitic
features. Discussing chronology, Petrie decides in favour of a long interval,
no less than 16G0 years, between Dynasty XII and Dynasty XVIII.
In the sed-festivals he would trace a relic of the slaying of the king
and renewal of the kingship after twentyr-eight to thirty years of
reign. Mr. Currelly describes the nawamis or prehistoric beehive tombs
from which he obtained copper tools, flint arrow-heads and shell orna-
ments; he was ultimately charge! with the difficult task of cutting off
and removing the sculptures from the rocks of Maghara to the Cairo
Museum, where they will be at length safe from the depredations of
European prospectors and Bedawin miners.

Publications of Texts.


(a) From Sites in Egiji't :—

Ombos. Second fascicule of the second part of the publication of the
temple. Kom Orribo by De Morgan, Bouriant, Legrain, Jequiek and

Esn'EH, fragmentary hymn to Ivlmuin from the temple, with translation.
Daressy, Bcc. de Trav. xxvii. 1ST.

Silsileh, graffito naming Sankhkare, at the Shatt-er-rigala. Sayce,
P. S. B. A. xxviii. 171.

Thebes, Karnak. Inscriptions on blocks from a temple of Osiris
entitled " him whom she loved," dedicated by Psammetichus III and
Ankhnesneferabre. Legrain, Ann. vi. 130.
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