Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Pkogbess of Egyi-tology.

(c) General:—

Seven parts of Stelntdoeff's Urkunden des Aegyptischen Alterthums,
Urkunden der 18 Dynastie, edited by Sethe : comprising the historical
and biographical documents of the time of the expulsion of the Hyksos
and their successors down to and including the reign of Hatshepsut.

Stela of King Tanutamon with Osiris. Jequier, Ep.c. do Truv.

xxvii. 171.

Chassinat studies a group of papyri of Dynasties XX-XXI with
mythological representations. They are of small size, and often bear tbe
title, " The book of that which is in Hades," but are very different from
the large book of that name. As an example, the papyrus 3287 of the
Louvre is reproduced in photography. Bulletin iii. 129.

Eevillout prints a transcript of a papyrus which he calls the "Burgh
Papyrus," and attributes to the XXIst Dynasty, but would find in it
the Greek word ^u\klov and references to coined silver. P. S. B. A.

xxviii. 178.


A very important addition to the medical texts known from Egypt has
been made by the publication of the Hearst Medical Papyrus, found at Der
el Ballas, and presented to Dr. Keisxer by a grateful fellah. Thirteen
closely written pages are complete, and five others exist in a more or less
imperfect state. It dates from the beginning of the XVIIIth Dynasty or
somewhat earlier, and presents close parallels to the celebrated Ebers
Papyrus. The text consists of prescriptions with a few incantations.
Unlike the other medical texts, the Hearst Papyrus appears to contain no
metrological symbols nor prescriptions of definite amounts of the drugs to
be used. The full vocabulary is a valuable feature of the publication,
which is particularly welcome as the first memoir resulting from the
Hearst expedition to Egypt.


Spiegelberg publishes demotic inscriptions dated in the reigns of Akoris,
Alexander the Great, etc., collected in two days' work with Mr. Weigall
in the quarries of Turra. He states that the graffiti are in imminent
danger of destruction. Ann. vi. 219. Also a long article giving for the first
time the decipherment of a number of demotic letters from Gebelen, etc.
A. Z. xlii. 43. His publication of the Beinach Papyri is reviewed by
M. Muller in 0. L. Z. ix. 100.

TheLeyden Museum has completed the publication of the Moral Papyrus,
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