Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Progress of Egyptology.

action in these being closely analogous to that of a torrent stream. L'Origine
ties Eolithei in VAnthropologic, tome xvi. p. 257. Similar results from
various accidental causes have been noticed also by English observers.
See Anthrop. Journ. xxxv. 337, and Man, 1905-0.

A French translation of Schweinfurth's article on Eolithic and Palaeo-
lithic remains in Egypt noticed in the last Report (p. 55) will be found in
Ann. vi. 9.

Seton-Karr figures flint implements from a neolithic settlement found
by him in the desert north of the Fayuni, Ann. vi. 185, and describes and
figures rude stone chisels used in quarrying both at the Theban tombs
and in the flint-mines of the Eastern desert, ib. p. 170.

The Catalogue of the Archaic Objects in the Cairo Museum, by J. E.
Quibell, forms two volumes illustrated almost entirely by hand drawings.
It comprises only those objects that were in the Museum in 1899,
including much unpublished material from Am£lineau's finds.

Fragment of a dog-headed slate in the MacGregor Collection,
published by Legge, P. S. B. A. xxviii. 87.

Antiquities and Archaeology.

The first three fascicules have appeared of a sumptuous publication of
typical specimens of Egyptian sculpture, edited by Prof, von Bissing, one of
its objects being to provide lecturers with suitable illustrations. The
complete work (twelve fascicules) is to contain 144 plates in fine helio-
gravure with descriptive text. The parts already issued comprise some
familiar pieces like the Sheikh el Beled, but the majority of the subjects
are either entirely new or, at least, more worthily reproduced than hitherto.
They show how greatly the collections of Egyptian sculpture have been
enriched in recent years, and all are of high interest, including some fine
examples from the author's collection at Munich. Von Bissing, Denlcmdler
JEgyptischer Shidptur. Borchardt criticizes the publication rather
severely in Gotting. gel An?.. 1900, 552.

Under the title Beschreibunj cler JEgi/ptischen Sammlung cler Nieder-
landischen Reichsmvseums der Al/crthiimer in Leiden, the authorities of
the Leyden Museum, Prof. Holwerda and Dr. Boeser, have commenced a
description and photographic publication on a large scale of its principal
treasures, including those already edited in lithography in the old series of
Monumens. The first livraison comprises the monuments of the Old
Kingdom, including a fine mastaba-chapel of the Yth Dynasty from
Saqqareh, and a number of statues of the Illrd Dynasty.

The Egyptian monuments at Ny-Carlsberg (Copenhagen) have been edited
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