Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Gkaeco-Eoman Egypt.


viouslv published in the Archiv, and noticed as no. 19 in the Report
for 1902-3) the words of the Prefect are written in Latin.

Only one part of the Berlin Urkunden has been published duiing
the year.15 It contains 12 texts (nos. 1050-1061), belonging to the
years 13 and 14 b.c., all but two being addressed to the same person,
Protarchus, a judicial official (6 7rpb<; za> Kpu-qoiw) by whom apparently
thev were to be registered. They include marriage-contracts, loans, and
similar documents, one being a contract for the rearing of a child. All
are edited by Dr. Schubart.

The volume of Melanges Nicole 11 includes some non-literary papyri
in addition to the literary texts mentioned above. JIM. Jouguet and
Lefebvre publish one of their Magdola papyri, containing a petition to
Ptolemy Philopator in 221 b.c., noteworthy in that the decision in the
suit was referred to the native judges called \aoKphai. Prof. Comparetti
contributes an interesting fragment of a letter-book of a military officer
in the second century, containing copies of his letters to various officials.
The complete roll was apparently of enormous length ; the part preserved
contains copies of 22 letters, addressed to the strategi of twelve nomes
and other officials, with regard to a supply of camels for an expedition.
A deed of sale (with banker's abstract) from Hermopolis of a.d. 203-4,
of which part is in the possession of Prof. Gradenwitz and part at
Florence, is published jointly by Gradenwitz, Schubart, and Vitelli; it
seems a pity that in this and similar cafes arrangements cannot be made
to re-unite the scattered portions of a single MS. Prof. Gradenwitz
attempts an analysis of this type of document, of which several more
specimens are included in the forthcoming volume of the British Museum
Catalogue. Dr. Wessely publishes a census-return for the year 243-4 in
the town of Arsinoo. Prof. E. J. Goodspeed prints some mummy-labels,
school exercises, ostraca and a papyrus (of the reign of Diocletian) from the
Museum of the New York Historical Society. Wilcken prints a revised
text of Leydeu Pap. U, containing the curious dream of Nectanebus.
M. Theodore Eeinach gives a facsimile and a new text of Magdola
Pap. 35, relating to some Jews in the village of Alexandronesus, and
showing that they were sufficiently numerous to possess a synagogue
there in the latter part of the third cent. b.c. Mahaffy carries back the
history of the Jews in Egypt to a yet higher antiquity, by referring
to some unpublished Aramaic papyri in the possession of Prof. Sayce,
showing that they were doing financial business in their own language
in Upper Egypt as far back as the reign of Xerxes. Mitteis prints a
list of governors (ijyefxoi'e-:) of tlie Thebaid. Finally, 11. Erman discusses
loading ...