Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1905-1906

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Christian Egypt.


century. This Batiffol regards as too early.3- Funk also reviews the
work/53 together with Wordsworth's Ministry of Grace, in a long discussion
of the Egyptian Church Order.

Yon der Goltz likewise analyzes the Canons of Athanasius?A (v. last
Report, 78). As against an early date he observes their veneration for the
authority of St. Peter and the references to priestly mediation, etc. If by
A., they must belong to his latest years.

Funk reviews the same Canons,1'5 pointing out that, even if by A., the
mention of the seven clerical orders and of archpriest, archdeacon,
oeconomus, must be of a later age.

Leipoldt regards them as based on some Athanasian work, and
points out that others of his writings also are preserved in Coptic only.36

S. D. Die discusses the two Arabic texts of the Tedamentum Domini.^
One, in a-MS. of Rahmani's, is derived from a Coptic text, while that in
the well-known collection of Macarius the monk is not—a somewhat
surprising conclusion.

A valuable supplements the Tawfik newspaper (Cairo) is appearingin the
form of an edition of the Canons of Ibn al-'Assal, hitherto available only
in Guidi's publication of their Ethiopic version (Fefha Nagaat). The editor
is G. Ph. 'Awad, who has composed his text from three old MSS., one
claiming to be a copy from the author's own. The ecclesiastical half of
the Canons has appeared ; the civil half, with introduction and life of the
author, are to follow. The sequence of chapters appears the same as in
the Ethiopic.

Severus, bishop of Ashiminain and compiler of the Patriarchal History,
wrote an apology for the monophysite doctrines, in reply to his contem-
porary, Eutychius, author of the 'Annals.' This has been edited by
Chebli 38 and consists of a resume of Old Testament history, the prophecies
relating to Christ collected, a brief history of the Councils, of patristic
doctrine before Chalcedon, and of subsequent events till C40. An appen-
dix aims at showing Thursday to have been the day of both Christ's birth
and baptism. Pieviewed, with textual emendations, by Guidi.:!u

The long doctrinal work of Al-Makin, entitled Al-TJawt or ' The Com-
prehensive,' is being printed in Cairo.10 The first part, ending with
an account of the Councils, has appeared. V. Uri-Nicoll's Catalogue,
no. xx.

From Cairo comes further a thick volume of the Lenten and Paschal
homilies, in Arabic, of Jacob of Sarug,11 a writer always popular in the
Egyptian Church.

Mallon has collected the evidence from Coptic liturgies, sermons,
loading ...