Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Progress of Egyptology.

Publications of Texts.


(a) From, Sites in Egypt:—

Thebes, Karnak. Great stela of Tutankhamon found in 1905, recording
his restoration of the cult of the Egyptian divinities. Legrain, Rec. de
Trav. xxix. 162.

Abypos. Chapel, etc., of Rameses II. in front of his temple. Lefebvre,
Ann. vii. 213.

El Amarna. Tomb of Penthu in the northern group ; general descrip-
tions of the southern group; the tomb of Mahu (with exceptionally
interesting scenes), and four other tombs. The short hymn to Aton is
given from a collation of texts. Davies, El Amarna IV. The third
volume reviewed by Foucart, Rev. de I'liist. des religions, 1906.

Lower Egypt. Inscriptions from monuments of Nekhtnebf at Baqlieh,
of the XlXth and XXIInd Dynasties at Tell Mokdam, and of
Psammetichus II. at Mahallet el Kobra, and a statue of the XXVIth
Dynasty from Tell Far'iin (Nebesheh). Ahmed Bey Kamal, Ann. vii. 232.

(b) From Museums:—

Cairo. The second fascicule of vol. II., completing the Catalogue of
Sarcophages anterieurs an Nouvel Empire, by Lacau, the first having been
issued in 1905 ; it contains indices of proper names, of titles, of names of
objects depicted and of religious texts (Book of the Dead, Pyramid Texts,
and others), rendering the publication of the highest value.

Text on a repaired statue of Menthotp III. from the viith pylon of
Karnak, restored by Sebkhotp III., after having been dedicated by Senusert
II. or III. Legrain, Ann. vii. 33. Two stelae of endowment from Thebes,
one giving the remarkable date of the 8th year of Tandamane, the other of
the time of the XXVIth Dynasty, ib. 226 ; text on statues of a first prophet
of Amnion named Harmakhis, of Khmeneraus and Estafenis, contemporaries
of the end of the Ethiopian period, ib. 188 ; table of offerings dedicated by
Mtocris, daughter of Alehtenwoskhi, ib. 53 ; two genealogies from statues,
one giving the name Hor where the other gives Pemu, ib. 50; headless
sphinx of late date with inscription attributing it to Menkh-p-re (sic)
Tethmosis, ib. 35.

Ptolemaic memorial stela of a cow of Isis, perhaps from Atfih, in Middle
Egypt. Spiegelberg, A.Z. xliii. 129.

Verona. Two fragments of inscription from statues. Wreszinski,
A.Z. xliii. 103.
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