Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Peogbess of Egyptology.

have left practically nothing which could be spent on exploration or large
repairs. I have been able to travel about the more accessible parts of my
district, however, and to continue certain pieces of work ; and I have a few
matters to tell you about. At Crebel Silsileh the quarrying works have
' been brought to an end, the workmen's houses have been destroyed, and
the place has resumed its normal aspect. The great quarries remain
intact, only the lesser ones having been reworked; and no inscriptions
whatsoever have been destroyed. At Aswan the works on the raising of
the dam are at a standstill until time has been allowed for the settling of
the masonry. I do not think that any more granite will have to be
quarried there, and so far there has been no damage to inscriptions. I put
white numbers and marks upon over a thousand inscriptions on the rocks,
and the Director-General of Reservoirs allowed me a number of ghafhrs
whose business it wass to look after these interesting relics of old Aswan,
and thus nothing has been lost. At Esneh the houses in front of the
temple have been destroyed, and it will not be long before the temple
itself is relieved of the surrounding debris. At Thebes the work on the
tombs of Shekh Abd el-Gurneh has gone on rapidly. Besides the tombs
mentioned in my report in the Annates we now have about twenty others
repaired and safeguarded. One of these was excavated and repaired at the
expense of Mr. William Hibbabd of Chicago, and some at Government
expense; but more than half the new work has been undertaken with
funds generously supplied by Mr. Robert Mond, who moreover has
arranged for me to have for the next five months the assistance of
Mr. C. G. Jelf (Exeter College, Oxford) in carrying on the work. I must
record here the admirable work done by Mahmoud Effendi Rushdy, our
inspector, on these tombs. In my Guide to the Antiquities of Upper
Egypt, which will be published in the autumn (Methuen), I have given
a full account, with plans, of all the tombs accessible at the time of writing,
which I hope will be useful.

" Of the excavations in my district you probably have separate notes.
Dr. Reisnee, as you know, has now resigned the directorship of the Nubian
excavations, which thus devolves upon Mr. FlKTH. Dr. Elliot Smith
having left Egypt, Dr. Deeey will continue the anthropological work there.
At Thebes last winter Prof. Peteie conducted some small excavations. I
am sorry he has decided not to continue his work there next winter, for I
believe he was on the verge of very important discoveries. Prof.
Schiapaeelli continued his work at Der el-Medineh, without, however,
any striking results. Lord Caenaevon discovered what appears to be a
tomb or mortuary of the Xlth or XVIIth Dynasty, between Der el-Bahri
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