Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


of a temple of Apis, found by Quibell re-used in the monastery of
S. Jeremias. Daressy, Ann. ix. 154.

Good progress has been made by Prof. Sethe with his edition of the
Pyramid Texts, Die Altaegyptischen Pyramidentexte. The fourth part
reaches nearly to the end of Pepy I. with the parallel texts.

GiZA. Various inscriptions dating from the IVth Dynasty and
onwards. Kamal, Ann. ix. 85.

Cairo. Fragments of inscriptions built into edifices in the city.
Daressy, ib. 139.

Pitiioji. Lid of sarcophagus of Uzahorresne. Cledat, ib. 211.

(b) From Museums :—

Cairo. Twenty-three more chapters of the religious texts from Middle
Kingdom coffins, bringing the total to 75. Lacau, Bee. de Trav. xxxi. 10.

Sixty-four stelae of the New Empire described and photographed.
Lacau, Steles du Nouvcl Empire, fasc. I. in the Catalogue.

Thirty coffins from the second find of Deir el-Bahari made in 1891.
Ciiassinat, La secoade trouvaille de Deir el-Bahari (Sarcophagcs), Tome I.
fasc. i., in the Catalogue.

M. Maspero has himself undertaken the sarcophagi of the Persian
and Ptolemaic periods for the Catalogue. The first part has been issued,
containing descriptions and photographs of three of these elaborate monu-
ments covered with long hieroglyphic texts. Sarcophages des epoques
Persane et Ptolema'ique.

Eome. Stela in the Vatican with text of the book of " wandering
through eternity" (Durchwandeln der Ewigkeit), edited by Wreszynski,
A.Z. xlv. 111.

Leyden. The stelae of the Middle Kingdom, fifty-three in number,
photographs with description and indices by Dr. Boeser: Beschreibung
der Acgyptischcn Sammlung, Dcnlcmaler des Mittlcrcn Beiches, 1st Abth.

(c) General:—

Two more parts of the historico-biographical documents of the XVIIIth
Dynasty, dating from the reign of Tethmosis III. in the series of the
Berlin Urlcundcn des Acgyptisclicn Alterthums {Abth. iv. heft 14, 15).


A. H. Gardiner edits the fifth volume of the Hieratische Papyrus of the
Berlin Museum, containing the Story of Sinuhi and the fragment of a
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