Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


containing lists of deities, localities, proper names, etc. Eeviewed by
WlLCKEN, Archiv v. 228.

The same scholar has edited the small collection of demotic papyri in
Brussels (Die demotischen Papyrus des Musees royaux du cinquantenaire).
They are seven in number, legal documents of the time of Amasis I.,
Philadelphus and Philometor, and usefully supplement the texts in other

Two demotic mortgage contracts in the British Museum, one with long-
Greek docket already published by Kenyon, with transcript of a third
already published in the Strassburg collection. Spiegelberg, Pec de Trav.
xxxi. 91.

Spiegelberg's Dcmotischc Papyrus von der Insel Elephantine is reviewed
by Griffith, Gbtting. Gel. Anz. 1909, 83, by Wilcken, Archiv v. 200, and
the Papyrus Libbey, by Wilcken, ib. 230.

Funerary stela at Berlin recording before Osiris the murder of an
innocent man; another at Strassburg and two stelae at Copenhagen,
one of which contains a portion of a conti'act with the priesthood of a
temple in the Fayum, the other being bilingual. Spiegelberg, A.Z.
xlv. 97.

The Catalogue of the Demotic Papyri in the John Rylands Library at
Manchester, which has long occupied the present writer, has at length
appeared in three volumes of (1) photograpliic facsimiles, (2) supplementary
band copies of the earlier and more obscure texts, and (3) translations and
commentaries with indices. The collection is especially rich in early
documents, and contains also good examples of Ptolemaic texts from
Thebes and Gebelen and of Eoman bilingual papyri from the Fayum.
The early documents comprise papyri of the age of Psammetichus I.,
Amasis I. and Darius. To the last reign belongs a very interesting
petition of a priest at El Hibeh, 25 pages long and practically perfect. In
the third volume are printed an analysis of all the available early
material in demotic and in the " abnormal hieratic " which preceded demotic
at Thebes and in the Ethiopian period, and various pbilological and other
dissertations. The indices comprise not only proper names, etc., but also
the demotic words and groups occurring in the Bydands papyri.

The edition of the great demotic magical papyrus by Griffith and
Thompson has been completed by the publication of the glossary,
containing over 1,100 words and numerous special indices. The demotic
magical papyrus of London and Leiden, vol. III. Lndices.

Edition of the Dodgson Papyrus, once thought to have been a document
concerning early Christianity, in reality warnings to persons who neglected
loading ...