Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1908-1909

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Christian' Egypt.


Leipzig MSS. (v. Reports 1905-06, 77, 1907-08, 68); no. liii gives us a
considerable fragment of an Encomium (?) oa Chrysostom in exile,
comparable in tone and character to those on Athanasius and Dioscorus;
no. lv is a useful list of the abundant biblical citations in the writings of
Horsiese (Lemm promises some day to give us his collection of citations
similarly gathered—a very valuable contribution towards the Coptic bible
text). Amoug his 20 new Miscellanea,11- no. 1 contains further emendations
to Turaiev's texts {v. Report 1907-08, 70). It may be observed, however,
that the Achmimic charm is directed against two women and a man :
Prestasia (Prostasia, cf. Lefebvre no. 255), Tnounte (v.'H. Banke, above and
Brit. Mus. Cat. no. 1223), and Afonk (Eponychos). Enoch too is surely
but another person included in the curse. No. li is a fragment of a new
Peter apocalypse; no. liii deals with a list of Alexander's companions,
possibly used as an amulet; no. lxvi examines Brit. Mus. no. 254 and
Paris vol. 78, f. 58-61, two copies of a text in praise of virginity with cer-
tain resemblances to the Athanasian De Virginitate. These Paris leaves
I suspect to form part of the highly interesting but anonymous MS.
Zoega ccxlv.

A review of some of the above by Andersson 113 consists of lengthy
reproductions of Lemm's views and criticisms.

The contents of the Bustafjaell Sa'idic MSS., acquired by the British
Museum (v. Report 1906-07, 72) are enumerated by De Bicci,114 who
transcribes the list made for their former owner by Lacau and Crum.
One MS. (now Or. 6799) was there stated by Crum to be by a Nubian
scribe. This was an error: the Nubian name is that of the donor.

A supplement to the Christian portion of the Paris catalogue of Arabic
MSS. has been begun by E. Griveau.115 It contains many hagiographical
texts relating to Egypt.

The second part of Hyvernat's article on Egypt, in the Oatlwlic
Encyclopedia™ is devoted to the Coptic church, treating rather of its
organization than its history. He concludes for the genuineness of the
tradition as to the early presbyteral election of the Alexandrine bishop,
with whose hegemony in ecclesiastical government he compares the
centralized form of the Eoman rule in Egypt. One of the best sections is
that on the liturgy and liturgical books. It may be observed that the
Hippolytan Canons, referred to on p. 359, are in reality nothing but the
otherwise well known ' Gnomes' of Nicaea (v. J. Th. Stud, ii, 129 n.).

Lord Crawford's collection of Coptic MSS., so long known as among the
richest in Europe, passed, eight years since, into the possession of the late
Mrs. Eylands and is now deposited in Manchester. A descriptive
loading ...