Ars: časopis Ústavu Dejín Umenia Slovenskej Akadémie Vied — 1985

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Social House (Karfik, 1930), the cinéma (F. L. Gahura,
1931—1932), all warehouses in Gottwaldov, as well as
warehouses in Prague (V. Kysela, J. Gočár, A. Sehnal
1928—1929), Gottwaldov (Gahura, 1930), Brno (Karfik,
1930—1931), Liberec (Karfik, 1930—1931), Bratislava
(Karfik, 1931), Amsterdam (Karfik, 1937), the memoriál
of T. Baťa, nowadays the House of Ant (Gahura, 1932).
A significant chapter of Zlín architecture is the
planning and building of new towns, lead by the
views of so-called garden towns with separate zones
of industry, dwelling, central equipment and service,
and récréation. A town with 10,000 inhabitants has
been considered to háve the ideal slze After the first
rectangular schemes it was the fork or the parabolic
type that became standard for the layout of arrange-
ment of a built-up area. Among the successful reali-
zations of this kind abroad, the following towns háve
to be taken into account: Borovo — Yugoslavia, Bell
Camp — USA, Batanagar — India, Batawa — Canada,
Chelmek — Poland, Ottmuth — Germany and others.
The architecture of objects always tried to please the
local conditions. Colonies at Svit, Partizánske, Třebíč,

Zruč nad Sázavou, Sezimovo Ústí were built in our
Co-operation with external architects — bringing
about new stimulation pertained to the current practi-
ce of the Projecting Office at Zlín. Besides the outstan-
ding Czechoslovak architects (J. Kotěra, J. Gočár, B.
Fuchs, K. Roškot, E. Hruška) there were also foreign
architects (H. Naef, F. Svedlund, F. Schumacher and
chiefly Le Corbusier). Le Corbusier’s designs which
he had made for the firm, however, remained unob-
Several members of the group exploited their rieh
expérience after the libération 1945 in changed social
and economical conditions. A newly formed Organi-
zation Centroprojekt in Gottwaldov proceeded in the
traditions of the so-called “architecture of Zlín” and
woriked out the ideaB of typization, unification and
Standardization within the framewonk of socialist
housing construction. Vladimír Karfik has by hiis pé-
dagogie as well as Creative activity influenced also
the development of architecture in Slovakia.
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