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Artium Quaestiones — 3.1986

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I M. Gębarowiezj, Prolegomena to the Lvov Rococo Sculpture ... 5
T. Żuchowski, The Formation of German Artists of the First Decade of
the Nineteenth Century and Their Understanding of Religion ... 47
M. J a n o v i ć, Serbian Religious Bidermeier Painting.77
B. Dąb-Kalinowska, Russian Religious Painting in the Nineteenth
Century .87
P. Piotrowski, Autonomy, symbol, Utopia. Avant-garde and Theories
of Transcendence of Form.109
M. Bryl, An Artistic Group ’Swit’ as a Multifunctional Institution of Ar-
tistic life in Poznań 1921 -1927 . 131
O. Bätschmann, From Iconology to hermeneutics in AH History (trans-
lated by A. S. Labuda).157
Conference, Rogalin 1980: Theatre, Theatricality, Theatrilization in the Visual
Arts of the 19thc.
J. Brendel, Introduction.177
M. Poprzecka, Theatre, Theatricality, Theatrilization in the Studies of
19thc painting.182
W. Lipowicz, Theatricality as a Formula of Describing of Work of Art 1819
J. Guze, Theatricality and Theatrilization in the Art of 18th and 19tb cen-
turies. Attempt at Comparison of Selected Problems.192
D. Ratajczak, The Scarlet Dressing Gown of Frederic Lemaitre or Re-
flections over Theatricality.198
W. Okoń, Painting and Theatre in the Second Half of the 19tbc — Research
Problems .212
W. Lipowicz, Jester. Around the Thopos Vates Biformis in the Concep-
tion of the Actor .228
Comments on Disscussions (W. Lipowicz).232
Zbigniew Czarnecki 1911 - 1984. In memoriam (E. Iwanoyko) .... 237
The Second International Symposium „Barock and Rococo Sculpture in Cen-
tral and Eastern Europe” (A. Adamczewska).288
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