Instytut Historii Sztuki <Posen> [Editor]
Artium Quaestiones — 3.1986

Page: 46
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the legions of godly statues, the saints and allegorical statues which in spite of
their character and attributes draw our attention mainly to their elegant dresses,
gestures, and postures neglecting their function and religious character. But, in
case we have to do with artists attempting at reaching expression we are usually
disapointed, as the main means—namely faces especially of elderly people, or
martyrs— are limited to few types. They very seldom reach the intended ex-
pression and often stay in opposition to the theatrical and maniere postures. Ne-
vertheless, we. should not search for divinity and grat ideas in this art as they
were not intended there. Let us be content with the aesthetic satisfaction which
has been achieved by means of a very high artistic level, the technique and the
concordance with the artistic postulates of art in the epoch of rococo.

Translated by I. A. Sankiewicz
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