Beaufort, Francis
Karamania, or a brief description of the south coast of Asia-Minor and of the remains of antiquity: with plans, views, &c. ; collected during a survey of that coast, under the orders of the lords commissioners of the admiralty, in the years 1811 & 1812 — London, 1817

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120 ADxiLIA.

voured to obtain permission to pass along
the inside of the walls, and to examine
them and the towers; but the Bey re-
minded us of the rigid laws of the empire
on that subject, and without, absolutely
refusing, put it to my feelings whether,
circumstanced as he was with regard to
the Porte, I would urge him to do, what
his enemies would not fail to distort into
a grave offence. There was no answering
this appeal, and we contented ourselves
with an external view.

In one part of the surrounding wall,
we observed that there had formerly been
an opening between two of the towers ;
it is now walled up, but appears to have
been once a splendid gateway. There
are still the remains of fourteen columns ;
the upper rank of which are of the Co-
rinthian order. Four of larger dimen-
sions stand in a line with the outer face'of
the towers; on their entablature are some
large stones, with inscriptions, which are
now misplaced and inverted, but they ap-
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