Bickham, George [Editor]
The Oeconomy of Arts, Or, A Companion For the Ingenious of Either Sex (Band 1): An Introductive Essay On Drawing: With The Nature and Beauty of Lights and Shadows. And Cuts suitable for the Young Practitioner, In The Manner of the Greatest Masters — London, 1747

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Oeconomy os ARTS;
For the Ingenious of Either SEX.
Adorn'd with Curious SCULPTURES :
In three parts:
I. The First Principles os Drawing, the Nature and Beauty
os" Lights and Shadow?, with Directions to learn without a
II. The Art os Penmanship exemplisied in all the various
: Hands os Great Britain ; viz. Alphabets of all the Hands:
Twenty-sour Alphabetical Copies: Forms of Bills,• Notesj
Receipts, &c. With an Introdu&ion sor the Unlearned,
III. The whole Art of Painting in Qil and Water-Colours :
' With the Beauty os Preparing and Mixing the Colours;
and their Delcriptions, natural and artificial Natures and
Qualities, as to their Productions, various Preparations,
Compofitions, and UTes.
JV. General Rules,'and neweft Experiments, in that curious
Art of J- panning to imitate the Indian way with Coloured,
Engrav'd Prints, cut out and ftuefc on Wood, &c.
V. Painting on Mezzotintoes, with the whole Method of
Preparing the Print, and Laying on the Colour,
y.i. Receipts for making the several Sorts of Varnislies :
Likewife Inks os all Kinds; the Method of making them
both natural and Ivmpathatical.
The Whole to be had Together, or Single in their different
Parts : And in a large Quarto.

By GEORGE BICKHAM, junior, Engraver.

Printed for G. B i c k h a m, in Maf%-BitUih:gix
Covptt-Garden. m dcc xlvii. •
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