Bickham, George [Editor]
The Oeconomy of Arts, Or, A Companion For the Ingenious of Either Sex (Band 1): An Introductive Essay On Drawing: With The Nature and Beauty of Lights and Shadows. And Cuts suitable for the Young Practitioner, In The Manner of the Greatest Masters — London, 1747

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O/DR A W I N G. 5
ysesiil at Icast,, and ornamental, as any ether genteel
..Acquifitiori. , : - . :
And as there can be no Art without its Precepts,
airy more than a Houfe without a Door sor an En-
trance into it:' And as Youth should -be led gently
by the Hand, and their Learning be made a Pleafurc,
not a Pain, I fhall lay down (in as clear, familiar, and
inftructive a Manner as 1 can) fome general Rules for
their future Observance, as well with refpect to draw-
ing their Colours, or Out-lines, which are their firft
Operations ; as Lights and Shadows, which beautify
thefe sirft Defigns, and make them ftrike the Eye
with Wonder and Delight. By a proper Application
to which, with the Assistance of an induftrious
Hand, I hope the young Practitioner in a short Time,
.may be enabled to judge with Knowledge, and pur-
sire his Labours with Pleafure and Succefs.
Instructions in General.
rTA H E firft Thing rcquifite is a happy Genius,
•'■ which is the Inssuence of the Stars, and the pe-
culiar Gist of Heaven: Flow to improve it, many
Books can teach us ? how to obtain it none ; '. and
without it all agree nothing material can be done.; and
to which you mufl be oblig'd sor the grcateft Beau-
ties of your Art. It is an unhappy Lqss of Time
for a Youth to endeavour to gain that which fire has
deny'd him. As the Fruits of the Earth have not
their proper Rehfh; nor Flowers their innate Beauty,
and sragrant Smell, when tranfplanted into a foreign
Soil, and rear'd by an artificial Heat, besore their
due Seafon : So it is in vain that the ycung Studienr.
toils and sweats in the Pursuit os this Art, is the na-
tural Bent os his Inclination is directed another
He theresore that would be a Prosicient -in this
Art, and is blest with a Genius sor it, ihould ftudy
ins Theory firft, before he meddles with the Practice".
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