Bickham, George [Editor]
The Oeconomy of Arts, Or, A Companion For the Ingenious of Either Sex (Band 1): An Introductive Essay On Drawing: With The Nature and Beauty of Lights and Shadows. And Cuts suitable for the Young Practitioner, In The Manner of the Greatest Masters — London, 1747

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dable Emulation to excell, and this Ai t retain'd its
Excellency as long as the Empire flourhhed ; hut
when that decay'd, and Fell a Prey to the Outrages of
feveral tyrannic Princes, the Art Ianguifii'd,.and could
no longer boast her Imperial Patrons and ProfelTors,
But tho' too long obseur'd; the Cloud once more
remov'd, the Art rear'd up her drooping Head, and
thro' the Induitry and Application os some curious
' Men, and the Encouragement they met with srom
those in Power, rcgain'dnew Vigour, and llione again
in her sirft Luftre.
Nor was it without just Ground that this Art was
held in such high Repute. Her Beauties are, and
ever will bet entertaining to the Curious; and no-
thing more nlustrates the Glory of a Nation than her
By the Labours of her Proseffcrs, the Egyptians,
Grtch' and Romans exprefs'd the Actions os their. He-
roes, and tranfmitted their Fame to latcft Posteriry.
Nor has this Art been less advantageous to Reli-
gion than the State: The Heathens of old were cu-
rious sn the Practice of it, and made it a Branch of
their divine Worship, and the Christians, particularly
thofe os the Remtjh Persuafion, ffill keep up an equal
Veneration for it. The Mysleries os their moil holy
Religion, and the Triumphs of their Saints and Mar-
tyrs are represented in all their Characters by the
abjeft Artifts, and whofe Works are to this Day the
Object of publick Adoration.
Subjects'of this Nature, when they are thus art-
fully exprefs'd, and ihine in a Picture, make more
deep and laffing;knprefficps cn the Mind, than ail
the- Charms of Eloquence itfeif.
But as the following Essay is principally dfsign'd
sor the Inslructjon and Improvement os Youth, )
'ihai! nos enlarge'ch the Hiitory and Progress os this
Art, Wlsat little I hate orser'd, I hope will be sat-
■ricient (b induce them to the Study and Practice o<
it; to fct a Value on it Suitable to its Nature and
Excellence ; and regard it .is an Accompliihmen't a^
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