Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 2,2): Town houses in Knossos of the new era and restored West Palace Section — London, 1928a

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§ 65. Ceremonial South-North Corridor: II. Painted Relief of
Priest-King; Comparison with Young Prince on Hagia Tkiada Cup
and Discovery of Intaglio representing Goddess with Sprinkler and
Sword—Emblems of Spiritual and Terrestrial Dominion.

Remains of painted relief in North Section of Corridor; Evidences
of Light-area opposite; Description of figure; Special significance of its
waz-li/y crown ; Peacock pinnies as Minoan Spliinxes; Crowned personage
a Priest-Kin*; Similar waz-lily decoration of bronze b isiu from N. W.
Treasury ; Face as restored ; Attitude of body ; Long pendant locks of hair—
Minoan and Libyan trait; Wax-lily collar; Indications of leggings; Tech-
nical process of producing stucco relief; L. M. /a dale; Style of low relief;
Sir William Richmond's appreciation of the work—great anatomical know-
ledge displayed; The thigh and leg; Probable dozvuward action of arm ; Was
the Priest-King leading a sacred Griffin ? Griffins on Pa'ace walls; Griffin
in Underworld on ' Ring of Nestor', as fudge in scene of initiation ; Back-
ground of relief, Elysian fields ; Conventionalized Iris; Butterfly above—•
its Minoan versions ; Butterflies as Minoan emblems of life after death ;
Symbolic eyes ; Comparison of figure with Young Prince on H. Triada cup—
similar altitude ; His officer u ith symbolic attributes—sword and holy-water
sprinkler ; Discovery of gem showing Minoan Snake Goddess holding similar
emblems of secular and spiritual dominion ; Aspergillum of Roman pontifices
compared; Similar wisp in relief on M. M. Ill sherd; Goddess as special
patroness of Priest-Kings ; Restoration on the spot of ' Priest-King' relief;
Terminal section of Corridor opening on Central Court.

The Priest-King Relief.

Remains A discovery made in the elongated area immediately North of that

relief d/- which produced the ' Palanquin Fresco ', and answering to the section of the

picting Corridor that directly abutted on the Central Court, supplied still more

King. striking evidence of its ceremonial character. Here, in fact, were discovered

the remains of the remarkable painted relief of the personage wearing

a plumed lily crown and collar, in whom we may with good reason recognize

one of the actual Priest-Kings of Knossos.

The ground of the basement area shows a slight rise at this point,
suggesting that the floor of the corresponding section of passage-way above
had been here approached, as shown in the Plan, Fig. 490, B, by a couple
of steps at its Southern border, so that it formed a separate architectural unit.
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