Greaves, Edwin
Kashi the city illustrious or Benares — Allahabad, 1909

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Benares has not been unwritten. In 1868 the Rev.
M. A. Sherring published his book, entitled " The Sacred
City of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient
and modern times." This is still the best book on the
subject, though unfortunately it has been out of print for
many years, and it is very difficult to procure even a
second-hand copy. Quite recently, in 1905, Mr. F. B.
Havell published " Benares the Sacred City. Sketches
of Hindu life and religion." This is an exceedingly well
written and enjoyable book; a vivid impression of Benares
as seen by an artist and a thinker. The latest Govern-
ment Gazetteer for Benares contains a great mass of
information, but is somewhat packed away on shelves,
not in show-cases. The Rev. Arthur Parker, who lived
some years in Benares, wrote, in 1895, (republished in
1901) "A Hand-book of Benares," a most useful book,
but now out of print, and not likely to be republished.
Last year the Rev. C. Phillips Cape brought out a very
readable and interesting series of sketches, entitled
" Benares, the stronghold of Hinduism." The sketches
include several subjects which do not peculiarly and
exclusively relate to Benares, and some others which
do, are not treated very fully.
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