Greaves, Edwin
Kashi the city illustrious or Benares — Allahabad, 1909

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IT would naturally be expected that such a city as
Benares would make a strong appeal to those who
believed that God had laid it upon them to carry
the Evangel of Jesus Christ to India. Such a centre
and fortress of Hinduism would suggest to them what
Jericho suggested to Israel of old, though in another
sense, that was the geographical key of the land, this the
key of the Hinduism of, at least, Northern India. Many
more than seven days have passed, and the walls have
not yet fallen down flat, but Christ's servants still com-
pass the city, sound their trumpets, and "hope on hope
ever." The work of renewal is greater than that of
destruction, we need not wonder if it take a longer time.
We find that Christian Missions have been established
here for only little short of a century. The Baptist Society
started work in 1816, the Church Missionary Society in
1817, the London Missionary Society only three years
later, in 1820. In 1867 the Zenana Bible and Medical
Mission (then called the Indian Female Normal School
and Instruction Society) took up work here, in 1878 the
Wesleyan Missionary Society. There is a Roman Catho-
lic Chapel, and a resident priest, but as this work lies
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