Howard, Frank
The sketcher's manual: or, the whole art of picture making reduced to the simplest principles by which amateurs may instruct themselves without the aid of a master — London, 1841

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term Picture is here used in a general sense, as
meaning an agreeable object, or combination of
objects, for contemplation; and Pictorial Effect
is the term applied to that quality which dis-
tinguishes a Picture from a diagram or map.

In what does this magical power consist? Is
it difficult of comprehension or attainment?

The answer to these two questions \yill not be
found in any work on the Art, whether Ele-
mentary or Scientific. Yet there can be no
doubt that the desideratum with Amateurs and
Artists, and particularly with Sketchers, is not
only to represent forms, but to make pictures ;
to place the object or objects before the spectator
under pleasing circumstances, or with what is
termed Pictorial Effect.

The deficiency, it will be the endeavour of the
present work to supply.
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