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The greatest gift that a man can make to his country is his life,
and if that is sacrificed in a great and noble cause and offered in a
spirit of unselfish love and devotion to King and country, with virtue
the sole reward of the donor, how much more should the giftbe prized.
It is for this reason that, in writing, “ What the United Provinces
have done for the War,” we have decided to place first their gift of
It is a matter of regret that no figures of the recruits contributed
by these provinces is available prior to the beginning of 1917.
Prior to that period detaded recruiting figures, by provinces, could
not be supplied by the Adjutant-General, India. It was only in the
early part of that year that the first serious attempt to organize war
work on a large scale was attempted. It was then that the United
Provinces Wai’ Board was constituted under the presidentship of the
Hon’ble Mr. J. S. Campbell, c.s.i., c.i.e. (now Sir John Campbell)
Junior Member of the Boar, of Revenue, acting in addition to his
other duties. The following were the members of the Board :—
1. The Hon’ble Mr. L. P. Watson (now Sir Logie Watson, Kt.),
2. P. H. Clutterbuck, Esq., c.i.e., Chief Conservator of Forests,
United Provinces.
3. L. Truninger, Esq., c.i.e., p.m.g., United Provinces.
4. P. Wyndham, Esq., C.B.E., C.I.E., Commissioner of Kumaun.
5. The Hon’ble Mr. G. G. Sim, i.e.s., Secretary to Government,
United Provinces,