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We intend to confine overselves in this chapter to recounting
exceptionally gallant acts performed by officers and men of Indian
Units who are raised and permanently quartered in these Provinces
and also of officers and men of British Units who on the outbreak of
war were quartered therein. The acts of heroism are related in
the order in which we have found them recorded* and irrespective of
rank or race. This is the best method of treating the subject; the
hero ought to be universally admired irrespective of race and colour
for valour—like death—to which it often leads, is no respecter of
rank or colour and is to be found, more or less, in all the races of
In reading these acts of heroism, it must be remembered that
in a war of such magnitude and duration many gallant deeds failed
to be recorded. This was unavoidable, for instance, in the case of
some deeds all eye-witnesses of them perished before they could get
a chance of giving their testimony.
Naik Padamdhjog Guring, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Gurkha Riffes.
When the 1st Double Company of his Battalion was forced to leave
its trench, this man alone remained and kept up a rapid fire on the
enemy, until at last he was compelled to retire. Awarded the 2nd
Class Indian Order of Merit.
Rifleman Ganesh Singh Sajwan, 2nd Battalion, 39th Garhwal
Riffes. Although fully exposed to the view and fire of the enemy
he picked up a wounded scout of his battalion and carried him
* We are indebted to Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. B. Merewether, c.i.e., and the
Right Honourable Sir Frederick Smith for this information, which has been taken
from their joint work, the Indian Corps in France