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Of the numerous war funds and charities, which have received
support from the United Provinces during the war, four have been
directly administered by the War Board during the course of its
existence. These were the Red Cross organization, the Y. M. C. A.
Red Triangle Campaign, the Silver Wedding Fund, and latterly the
Imperial Indian Relief Fund.
The Red Cross Work in the United Provinces was originally
directed by the United Provinces Ladies’ Association, which carried on
the work until the latter half of 1917. During that year their work had
been divided into two branches: the Ladies’ Association, controlling
the working parties which provided comforts for Mesopotamia, while
Lady Meston, as the Red Cross representative, supplied the indents
from the provincial military hospitals. The admirable work done by
this organization has been described in the volume of reports published
in 1918. Owing, however, to the organization of the Indian Joint War
Committee and the great expansion of work necessitated by their taking
over entire responsibility for the Red Cross needs of Mesopotamia,
it was felt desirable to relieve the hard-pressed leaders of the Ladies’
Association from the increasing burden of work and to organize it on
wider and more businesslike lines with the authority and stimulus
of an official organization. The War Board accordingly took over the
Red Cross work from the Ladies’ Association with effect from the 1st
of December, L917, on which date the Central Depot at Cawnpore
was opened. In January, 1918, the work of supplying provincial
hospitals was also taken over from Lady Meston, and both branches
of the work were thereafter entrusted to the Central Depot at
Cawnpore, which was controlled by Sir John Campbell, with the aid