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The present volume completes the survey of the monuments of the Middle
Kingdom at El Bersheh. It contains the description of nine inscribed
tombs, that of Tehutihetep (Tomb No. 2) having formed the subject of
Part I. of the Memoir.

None of the tombs described in this volume approach that of Tehutihetep
either in general elegance or in delicacy of detail ; but, to illustrate the style
of painting some fragments from Tomb No. 1 (Tehutinekht) have been
reproduced in colour: for the drawings of these, executed with the greatest
fidelity to the originals, we have to thank Miss Paget. Two samples of
architectural colouring from the same tomb (in pi. v.) are from fac-similes
by Mr. Blackden. The outline plates are the work of Mr. Newberry; the
plans and survey are chiefly due to Mr. Fraser, whose report on the
El Bersheh valley (the Wady Der en-Nakhleh) is printed as an Appendix
to the Memoir.

The scenes and inscriptions from these tombs are almost entirely
unpublished, and the graffiti of Het-nub, dealt with here by way of
illustration, have not before been transliterated or translated. The texts
being extremely difficult, the translations are only tentative. The descriptions
are the joint work of Mr. Griffith and Mr. Newberry; for the Introduction
Mr. Griffith alone is responsible.