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Nicholson, Peter
The student's instructor in drawing and working the five orders of architecture — London, 1823

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scale, so that the measures may apply with accuracy,
before he proceeds to finish in shading; by so doing-,
he will acquire a facility of manner, and an accuracy
of eye in judging' of the beauties of proportion, which
will ever be of essential use to him.

The explanation of the Tuscan order is given very
full, and as the same methods apply to each of the
other orders, they are not repeated. It is scarcely
necessary to observe, the height of the several columns
is given according to the most esteemed masters;
nevertheless they may with much propriety be varied,
to suit particular purposes or situations.

The method of describing quirked mouldings is
new and easy, for practice, for any swell. I have
shewn a new method for striking the Ionic volute,
which will produce that spiral curve with more ele-
gance and regularity in the sweep, than by any other
method I have seen.

That important branch of practice, glueing up of
columns and capitals, is shewn in a new and accurate
manner, easv to be understood. I have also shewn
new and easy methods for diminishing of columns,
and for marking the flutes and fillets on them and on
pilasters; which, with various other interesting mat-
ters, will, I hope, make the operative parts of the
orders better understood, both in theory and in prac-
tice, than by any former publication.